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Frequently asked questions
  • What is Need a Barista?

    Need a Barista is the partner for your coffee business.

    As Australia’s No. 1 barista on-demand staffing solution, we offer you total support for your staffing, whether it's an emergency shift, covering weeks of staff leave, or advertising your permanent positions. We connect cafes, restaurants and venues to experienced, local and accredited baristas on a moment’s notice. In fact, since 2014 we've covered over 18,000 last minute shifts, and supported thousands of cafes.

    But more than just a great staffing solution, as a subscriber to Need a Barista you'll get industry news and updates, discounts with our growing list of wholesale partners, and nationally recognised support to help your business grow.

  • How good are the baristas on Need a Barista?

    Good? Who wants good when you can have great?

    Need a Barista is the only staffing solution that guarantees that every barista meets rigorous quality assurance standards, so you can be confident that whoever you book will be Qualified, Experienced, and Professional.

    Any permanent job you advertise will only ever go in front of our accreddited baristas, meaning you don't have to wade thorugh piles of unsuitable applications.

    Our team of coffee experts hand pick only those baristas that pass our Need a Barista Quality Accreditation, meaning that the barista behind your machine always has years of high-volume coffee and customer service experience.

  • Do I pay a booking fee when I need a barista?

    NO. You do not pay a booking fee when you book with us.

    We also don't take a cut of the baristas hourly rate (they get every cent of the hourly rate you pay them).

    We've run cafes before, we know how tight margins are. So, we decided to get rid of booking fees entirely.

    Instead, you pay a small* monthly membership fee to be a member of Need a Barista, which allows you to book unlimited on-demand shifts, and advertise your permanent barista positions with us.

    We think that's the fairest way to operate, and gives cafes the ability to book as often as they need, without breaking the bank. Think of it as insurance for your staffing.

    *seriously, it's the same cost as about 2 coffees a week to have total staffing coverage.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our membership starts from just $29 per month for a single venue. Pay annually and you'll save even more.

    Your membership gives you unlimited on-demand barista bookings and the ability to place permanent job ads, as well as loads of other industry perks.

    Hourly rate: The baristas on our platform will invoice you directly at the end of their work for their hourly rate.

    Barista weekday rate: $26 per hour

    Barista weekend / public holiday rate: $33 per hour

    That's it: no more booking fees or placement fees.

  • What if I still have questions?

    You've got questions, we've got answers!

    We’re here to help. If your questions haven’t been answered above, shoot our support team a message here.

  • How do I advertise for a permanent new staff member?

    As a Need a Barista Club member, as well as booking on-demand / emergency shifts, you can also place ads to fill permanent positions - without paying a placement or advertising fee. To place an ad for a permanent new staff member, simply hit the the 'New Job Posting' button in your dashboard. Fill out the details for the position, and hit submit. Your ad will then be live within minutes, and stay up on our Jobs Board for 30 days. Applications will go directly to your inbox.

    Pro-tip, the more information about the role (like salary and duties) you include, the better your chance of finding a great applicant. Also: Adding a profile photo of your cafe will make it more attractive to baristas.

  • Do we supply permanent staff?

    Yes we do, but it's probably a little different to what you're used to: we don't charge any placement fees for a new staff member, and it's free to place an ad for all Need a Barista Club members.

    We're the only platform that lets you advertise to only pre-vetted and accreddited baristas. Because our Job Board isn't accessible to the general public, you can say goodbye to wading through unsuitable applicants. 

    As part of your Need a Barista Club membership, you can place an add for a new team member for your cafe. Whether the position you're advertising is part-time, full-time, or casual, the baristas on our platform are actively looking for new opportunities in the industry. Our vetting and Barista Quality Accreditation means you'll be getting amazing apllicants reposnding to your ad. And even better: we don't charge placement fees, it's all included in your membership.

  • How do I pay the barista?

    Every barista on our platform is and independant contractor, with an active ABN (Australian Business Number). At the end of their shift, our barista will either hand you an invoice for their hours worked directly, or ask for the best email address to invoice you on. Simple. You'll then have 3 days to pay their invoice.

  • Can I choose which barista I book?

    Due to our vetting and accrediation process, we know that whichever barista we match to your booking will be a truly experienced coffee professional and a great support to you and your team. When you place a booking, the shift goes out to our team of baristas local to you and the most suitable barista will be matched to your shift.

    We understand that we all have favourites. If you've got a barista you love, simply add them to your list of favourites in your account dashboard and request them as a preference for future bookings. This allows you to build a team of crack coffee pro's to support you whenever you need.

  • How does it work?

    Got an emergency and need a barista ASAP? Maybe you're super organised and want to book a barista to cover some staff leave in a few weeks. No matter what the situation, we've got you covered.

    Whether it's a single shift or days of work, when you place a booking with Need a Barista our coffee fuelled algorithim gets to work matching it to one of our local, experienced and accredited baristas.

    Once the match is made, you'll receive an update including the baristas details. That's it, now you can get back to running your business.

    The barista you book will arrive and do what they do best: make consitently amazing coffee for your customers.

    Maybe you're looking for something more long term? Good news: we're the only platform that let's you advertise to only pre-vetted and accreddited baristas. Simple.